Reply on RC2 [peer_review]

Carsten Ankjær Ludwigsen
2021 unpublished
I had hoped that this manuscript would prove interesting from reading the Abstract, but I regret to say that I was disappointed. The authors promised to extend the record of sea level change in the Arctic, while decomposing that change into mass and steric components. However, there are numerous problems with the manuscript. The material is disordered; many acronyms are used before they are defined, or not defined at all; ECCO is used without any calibration or validation, assuming it to be
more » ... suming it to be somehow "correct", or least better than GRACE; many maps are shown, but no time series; no material comparisons are made with other publications in terms of results, to show whether or how the new material is an improvement over existing results; references and relevant comparisons are missing, such as the work by authors like Laxon and C1
doi:10.5194/os-2020-87-ac2 fatcat:6qcdofw2p5hmvgog5csgclctly