GiD+OpenSees Interface: a major extension to nonlinear finite element analysis

Κάρταλης Καούνης Θεοχάρης Νικολάου
The objective of this dissertation is to present a new graphical user interface that has been recently developed for OpenSees, which seamlessly connects the opensees solver with the general pre/post-processor gid including its recent extension to nonlinear finite element analysis. This interface, available as open-source, is easily installed in the gid graphical environment and provides an extended set of user dialogs and tools to efficiently create model geometry, assign materials, elements
more » ... boundary conditions, select various analysis options and finally invoke the opensees solver to execute the analysis. The interface automatically transforms the bulk of numerical results produced by opensees to a gid compatible format, for the user to take advantage of the versatile gid graphical postprocessor. This includes a deformed shape viewer with animation capabilities, force/stress/strain vectors and contours, line diagrams and x-y graphs. At the present state of development, majority of advanced modeling capabilities of opensees are supported, which renders the interface as a promising alternative to the cumbersome code-based modeling, considerably shortening the respective learning curve, especially for new and inexperienced users.
doi:10.26262/ fatcat:3tsiomxwifh23m7mxwek3hln3u