Densification Kinetics of Multi-Doped Zirconia Ceramic Body with Organic Coating Powders [post]

Y.G. Hoo, Yusheng Shi, Wenzhong Lu
2018 unpublished
Abstract: This work for the first time investigated the densification of multi-doping zirconia ceramic body with organic coating powders for solid electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cells via online imaging technology. The densification results show the initial stage plays a key role in the sintering. It can be found the covered organic PVA (polyvinyl acetate) supplies a potential kinetics to the initial densification during sintering. As a result, a kinetic function of densification in the
more » ... stage was suggested. Furthermore, a novel sintering model with six sub-stages is developed for polycrystalline zirconia ceramics. The findings would be a valuable reference for predicting final temperature of sintering, the equivalent strain during the sintering process, as well as optimizing the densification behavior.
doi:10.20944/preprints201812.0046.v1 fatcat:7shviychl5b2hkfzbvdpuzqgbu