Original Article Association of rs6505162 polymorphism in pre-miR-423 with cancer risk: a meta-analysis based on 5,891 cases and 7,622 controls

Wei Liu, Hongyan Zhang, Jun Ma, Yong Cheng, Wenguang Luo, Liting Qian, Hongbo Zhang, Jinjin Ran, Yuntian Li
2017 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) function as negative gene regulators by inhibiting translation or cleaving target mRNAs, for which they are recognized as oncogenes or tumor suppressors. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in miRNAs are closely related with cancer risks. Several studies have evaluated the association of rs6505162 polymorphism in pre-miR-423 with cancer susceptibility. However, the results remain conflicting rather than conclusive. We conducted a meta-analysis of 9 studies that included
more » ... es that included 5,891 cases and 7,622 controls to identify this association. The meta-analysis showed that the pre-miR-423 rs6505162 polymorphism was not statistically associated with cancer risks in all genetic models. In the stratified analysis of cancer types, the variant AA (CC vs. AA: OR=0.651, 95% CI: 0.482-0.878, P=0.005) and CA/AA genotypes (CC vs. CA+AA: OR=0.644, 95% CI: 0.446-0.931, P=0.019) were associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer compared with wild-type CC genotype. The same association in the allelic contrast (C vs. A: OR=0.808, 95% CI=0.699-0.934, P=0.004) was also observed. However, an increased risk of lung cancer was found in the co-dominant (CC vs. AA: OR=1.850, 95% CI: 1.049-3.263, P=0.034) and recessive (CC vs. CA+AA: OR=1.364, 95% CI: 1.074-1.732, P=0.011) models. Furthermore, according to the stratified analysis of ethnicity, we found a highly significant association in the Caucasian population (CC vs. AA: OR=0.651, 95% CI: 0.482-0.878, P=0.005; CC vs. CA+AA: OR=0.644, 95% CI: 0.446-0.931, P=0.019; C vs. A: OR=0.808, 95% CI: 0.699-0.934, P=0.004), but no significant association in Asians and other ethnicities. In summary, this meta-analysis suggests a significant association between pre-miR-423 rs6505162 polymorphism and risk of breast cancer and lung cancer. To some extent, this polymorphism is closely related to cancer susceptibility in Caucasians. However, further large-scale case-control studies between this polymorphism and cancer risks are needed in the future.