Discrimination of Rice Volatile Compounds under Different Milling Degrees and Storage Time Using an Electronic Nose
전자코를 이용한 도정 및 저장에 따른 쌀의 휘발성분 패턴 판별

Hyun Jung Han, Hyemin Dong, Bong Soo Noh
2016 Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology  
The objective of this study was to analyze the volatile compounds in rice under various milling degrees using a mass spectrometry-based electronic nose and discriminant function analysis (DFA). Less volatile components were more frequently found in rice with a lower milling degree. Milling degree resulted in a shift of DF1 to the left side of the DFA plot. This indicated that the DF1 scores were correlated with the milling degree of rice. Brown rice was found to have more volatile components
more » ... ardless of the milling degree. Thus, rice prepared at different milling degrees could be effectively discriminated with electronic nose analysis. Moreover, more volatile components were detected with an increase in storage time. A slight change in volatile components was found with an increase in the milling degree. The electronic nose could predict the milling degree and storage time of rice.
doi:10.9721/kjfst.2016.48.2.187 fatcat:yf32r7qgunekpbmbsnkloenfty