Accurate Peptide Fragment Mass Analysis: Multiplexed Peptide Identification and Quantification

Chad R. Weisbrod, Jimmy K. Eng, Michael R. Hoopmann, Tahmina Baker, James E. Bruce
2012 Journal of Proteome Research  
FT All Reaction Monitoring (FT-ARM) is a novel approach for the identification and quantification of peptides that relies upon the selectivity of high mass accuracy data and the specificity of peptide fragmentation patterns. An FT-ARM experiment involves continuous, dataindependent, high mass accuracy MS/MS acquisition spanning a defined m/z range. Custom software was developed to search peptides against the multiplexed fragmentation spectra by comparing theoretical or empirical fragment ions
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doi:10.1021/pr2008175 pmid:22288382 pmcid:PMC3319072 fatcat:k54ofu734rhzvpu6ijyl5jjpiu