Levitated optomechanics with a fiber Fabry–Perot interferometer

A Pontin, L S Mourounas, A A Geraci, P F Barker
2018 New Journal of Physics  
In recent years quantum phenomena have been experimentally demonstrated on variety of optomechanical systems ranging from micro-oscillators to photonic crystals. Since single photon couplings are quite small, most experimental approaches rely on the realization of high finesse Fabry-Perot cavities in order to enhance the effective coupling. Here we show that by exploiting a, long path, low finesse fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer ground state cooling can be achieved. We model a 100 m long
more » ... with a finesse of 10 and analyze the impact of additional noise sources arising from the fiber. As a mechanical oscillator we consider a levitated microdisk but the same approach could be applied to other optomechanical systems.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/aaa71c fatcat:ok7ml3o245dm7cfgb3foccnhcu