Sendi Adat dan Eksistensi Sastra; Pengaruh Islam dalam Nuansa Budaya Lokal Gorontalo

Moh. Karmin Baruadi
2013 El Harakah  
This articel aimed to describe a value of custom and an existence of unwritten<br />literature which becomed a local tradition among Gorontalo society. This study<br />researched custom phenomenon through historical fenomenologic and empiric <br />approach. The result of this study showed that Gorontalo Ethnic was people<br />who applied custom based on kitâb Allâh as their rule life. So, Gorontalo's,<br />culturally appreciated the tradition which were based on Islam forever and ever.<br
more » ... ntalo's culture was influenced by Islam which could be seen through the<br />way of their culturing and their literaturing. They based their culture, art, and<br />literature to Islam because they thought these were like praying to Allah. The <br />Islamic values in the Gorontalo's culture and literature were coherence to their <br />custom untill today.<br /><br />
doi:10.18860/el.v14i2.2312 fatcat:prxpgog7sndmjmnwtk2qpd4bli