Infrared behavior of gluon and ghost propagators from asymmetric lattices

Attilio Cucchieri, Tereza Mendes
2006 Physical Review D  
We present a numerical study of the lattice Landau gluon and ghost propagators in three-dimensional pure SU(2) gauge theory. Data have been obtained using asymmetric lattices (V = 20^2 X 40, 20^2 X 60, 8^2 X 64, 8^2 X 140, 12^2 X 140 and 16^2 X 140) for the lattice coupling beta = 3.4, in the scaling region. We find that the gluon (respectively ghost) propagator is suppressed (respec. enhanced) at small momenta in the limit of large lattice volume V. By comparing these results with data
more » ... using symmetric lattices (V = 60^3 and 140^3), we find that both propagators suffer from systematic effects in the infrared region (p \lesssim 650 MeV). In particular, the gluon (respec. ghost) propagator is less IR-suppressed (respec. enhanced) than in the symmetric case. We discuss possible implications of the use of asymmetric lattices.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.73.071502 fatcat:m7h4hxtivzafrohgzpiniiet2u