Quantum free energies of the conformers of glycine on an ab initio potential energy surfaceElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Calculated harmonic frequencies of the glycine conformers. See http://www.rsc.org/suppdata/cp/b3/b314644h/

Thomas F. Miller, III, David C. Clary
2004 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
The torsional path integral Monte Carlo (TPIMC) technique is used to study the five lowest-energy conformers of glycine. The theoretical method provides an anharmonic and quantum-mechanical description of conformational free energy and is used for the first time with an ab initio potential energy surface. The 3-dimensional torsional potential energy surface of glycine was obtained at the MP2/6-311þþG** level of theory and is optimized with respect to the non-torsional degrees of freedom.
more » ... of freedom. Calculated conformer populations compare well with those reported in recent matrix-isolation infrared spectroscopy experiments. An additional conformer, not yet observed, is predicted to be heavily populated in the thermal equilibria probed by experiment, and a new explanation for its elusiveness is provided. Quantum effects, such as zero point energy, are found to substantially alter conformer populations, and an algorithm for estimating the role of non-torsional vibrations in the conformational thermodynamics of a molecule is introduced. 2564 P h y s . C h e m . C h e m . P h y s . , 2 0 0 4 , 6 , 2 5 6 3 -2 5 7 1 T h i s j o u r n a l i s Q T h e O w n e r S o c i e t i e s 2 0 0 4
doi:10.1039/b314644h fatcat:6c2ow5ehxjaqlko6lkpg7smdmu