A Low-flying Single Pole Head for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

Takahiro SASAZAWA, Xinhua YE, Koji HONDA, Akiyo YUGUCHI, Akio TAKAYAMA
1997 Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan  
A thin film magnetic head for perpendicular recording was developed by the combination of a single pole transducer and a low flying slider. FeZrN sputtered film with high saturation magnetization was employed as a main pole of the transducer and the slider was designed from fluid dynamics calculation to achieve very low flying height. The read/write characteristic of the head at 25 nm flying height using CoCrlNiFeNb media were 350 n Vp-p/ J.L m' m/s' turn at 15 kFCI and -34dB in overwrite.
more » ... rmance of the head when combined with high Bs material for the main pole, high Hc and thin recording layer for the medium, and low flying height of the slider was discussed from the point of high density recording.
doi:10.3379/jmsjmag.21.s2_451 fatcat:jfmpmc4l55ghjnpgyuwpp3x2oi