Value-motivational characteristics of managers with different levels of innovation

Olga Mikhailova, Dmitrij Koba
2021 Mir nauki  
The main idea of the presented work is the assumption that innovative behavior is largely predetermined by the synthesis of values and motives, the relationship of which has not been sufficiently studied. The article presents a theoretical and empirical analysis of the value-motivational characteristics of managers with different levels of expression of innovativeness. On the basis of the theoretical study, the authors of the article formulated a hypothesis about the presence of significant
more » ... erences in value-motivational characteristics among managers with different levels of innovativeness. The hypothesis determined the goal of the empirical study, which was to establish links between value-motivational characteristics and the specificity of the severity of innovativeness among middle managers working in manufacturing companies. The study involved 83 respondents from 25 to 50 years old, working in manufacturing companies in the Moscow region. The survey was carried out using the following methods: (1) methodology "Diagnostics of the real structure of personal value orientations" by S.S. Bubnova; (2) questionnaire "Diagnostics of the motivational structure of personality" by V.E. Milman; (3) "Scale of self-assessment of innovative personality traits" (N.M. Lebedeva, A.N. Tatarko). For statistical verification of the results, the Kruskal-Wallis H-test and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient were used. The empirical results obtained made it possible to identify managers with different levels of self-assessment of innovativeness among the respondents and to obtain in each of the groups specific data on the manifestation of value-motivational characteristics of behavior and activity. At the end of the article, the authors formulated recommendations to enhance the professional activity of managers with different levels of self-assessment of innovativeness. In particular, it is important to develop training programs that correct the value-motivational sphere of the individual, taking into account the synthesis of those values and motives of activity that are characteristic of groups with high, medium and low self-esteem of innovativeness.
doi:10.15862/38psmn421 fatcat:r2qlng32o5eovp7mje6uz532na