A case report and summary of thrombocytopenia caused by coronavirus disease 2019 [post]

Jiancheng Xu, Yibing Zhao, Na Du, Wei Li, Dongmei Xiang, Guodong Zhou, Ruixu Li, Panyang Xu
2020 unpublished
Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 has become a major problem for the world. We reported a representative case with thrombocytopenia.Case report: A 44-year-old female patient sought medical attention for fatigue and cough of 1 day duration. Thirteen days before disease onset, the patient had returned from Hubei province. Her body temperature on admission was 38.6℃. Blood routine test showed a white blood cell count of 4.0×109/L, lymphocyte count of 1×109/L, platelet count of 118×109/L, and
more » ... f 118×109/L, and C-reactive protein of 6.0mg/L. Lung computed tomography (CT) scan showed: large patches of ground-glass opacities at the posterior segment of the right upper lung lobe and bilaterally at the basal segment of the lower lung lobes. Her throat swabs tested positive for novel coronavirus nucleic acid. After antiviral and symptomatic treatment were given, on day 5 of hospitalization, her symptoms of coughing and chest pain worsened after coughing, and she also developed hemoptysis. Repeated lung CT scans showed that the lesion area had increased. The lymphocyte count had decreased to 0.55×109/L and the platelet count had decreased to 9×109/L on day 6. After a series of multimodal therapies were carried out, the patient's platelet and lymphocyte count gradually increased to normal.Conclusion: We reported a COVID-2019 case with significant thrombocytopenia, which was more significantly decreased than in normal viral infections. However, the mechanism of thrombocytopenia is unknown and requires further research.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-20569/v1 fatcat:qzruw4qo5jd5zhvhqqhfzlkrky