Research on Patterns Mining Method for Moving Objects

Li Chen, Lianggui Liu, Bingxian Chen, Huiling Jia
2016 unpublished
Advanced technology in GPS and sensors enables us to track moving objects, such as human beings, animals, vehicles. These mobility data as historical activity data of moving objects, in some degree can reflect some internal and external features of moving objects, how to use the massive high-precision mobile data identify potential and meaningful pattern is the current hot spots and is also a serious problem. Patterns mining also have numerous applications in human mobility understanding, urban
more » ... planning and ecological studies and a wide variety of other fields. In this paper, we provide a general perspective for studies on the issues of patterns mining by reviewing the methods and algorithms in detail and comparing the existing results on the same issues, providing a quick understanding of research to the worker.
doi:10.14257/astl.2016.123.37 fatcat:pyz2v5z6i5ettjweevbzmqylh4