Financial exclusion from the perspective of college students - an empirical analysis based on the Probit model

Jian Chen, Weibin Lin, Jianxuan Wu, Sixing Lin, Jin Zeng, Jiawei Li
2019 Reports on Economics and Finance  
There are serious financial exclusion problems among college students in our China, but not enough attention has been paid to them. For studying the influencing factors of college students' financial exclusion based on existing literature and 507 survey data of college students, the Probit regression model is used to conduct an empirical study on it. The research finds that whether college students are excluded from loans is influenced by five factors: whether they are finance majors, the
more » ... ial support provided by family, the proportion of their family's financial support in their total income, whether there are family members engaging in the financial industry, and the degree of students' understanding of the financial industry. Whether students are saving exclusion affected by 5 factors: whether students are undergraduates, whether they are 1 Correspondent author 72 Jian Chen et al. finance majors, the financial support provided by their family, the proportion of their family's financial support in their total income and students understanding of the financial industry. Through the empirical research conclusion and corresponding policy implications are drawn, reduce the college students' financial exclusion problems and strengthening financial consumer protection for university students.
doi:10.12988/ref.2019.955 fatcat:odjsz53m5zacpkd24n2zk7oggy