Schwannomas- The problem in delay diagnosis

Dr. Yash Rabari, Dr. D.V. Prasad, Dr. Krunal Thadeshwar, Dr. Dinesh Dhaytadak, Dr. Parminder Singh, Dr. Ajinkya Jadhao
2017 International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences  
Schwannoma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor which arises from Schwann cells which support the peripheral nerve fibers. Malignant transformation is known to be exceptionally rare. The lesion is usually solitary, but multiple tumors in a limb have been reported. Schwannomas most commonly occur in the head and neck involving the brachial plexus and spinal nerves. The lower limbs are affected less often. Schwannomas usually grow slowly and present as a painless swelling over several years
more » ... ithout specific symptoms. The diagnosis of a Schwannoma in a lower limb is often delayed for several years because it is frequently misdiagnosed as a benign solitary mass such as a ganglion, fibroma or myxoma.
doi:10.22271/ortho.2017.v3.i1f.68 fatcat:wyibix3juzb3zn2n4rcyz6li7y