Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission File Management System (APACCFMS)

2022 Asian Journal of Research in Business and Management  
With the advancement of Internet technology, file management within the organization also become more crucial and complicated. This is because the organization stores various types of files digitally in the specific server so that can be accessed anywhere and anytime with the Internet connection. With the file management technology, gives a great advantage to the organization in terms of time management to search related files, storage to keep the files and human resources. Thus, this paper
more » ... ents Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission File Management System (APACCFMS) to allow the organization to manage and maintain their files digitally. This proposed system is developed with the aim to manage and store related files with the specific criteria for APACC Accreditation. We adopted the Agile methodology to ensure the development of the system is organized and meet all the requirements. Unit testing was conducted to ensure all system functions and modules were running as expected and no logic error occurs. Unit testing results indicated that the system is functioning as expected and can be used by the targeted user. With the APACCFMS, users are able to add, delete, view, and update the specific file everywhere and any time with the Internet connection using their own electronic devices. Future study is to extend this study to study the effectiveness of APACCFMS within the specific organization for APACC Accreditation.
doi:10.55057/ajrbm.2022.4.1.15 fatcat:yovs763g7zhw7iwunaa5nky3cq