In situ preparation of well-dispersed CuO nanocatalysts in heavy oil for catalytic aquathermolysis

Ming Chen, Chen Li, Guo-Rui Li, Yan-Ling Chen, Cheng-Gang Zhou
2019 Petroleum Science  
We developed an in situ synthesis strategy for preparing well-dispersed CuO nanoparticles as aquathermolysis catalyst for viscosity reduction in Shengli heavy oil (China). A Cu(OH) 2 -contained microemulsion was employed as a carrier to disperse the precursor Cu(OH) 2 to the heavy oil phase. Under aquathermolysis condition (240 °C, 2.5 MPa of N 2 ), the Cu(OH) 2 precursors would first be converted in situ to well-crystallized and size-homogeneous CuO nanoparticles naturally, catalyzed by which
more » ... he viscosity of Shengli heavy oil could be reduced as much as 94.6%; simultaneously, 22.4% of asphaltenes were converted to light components. The agglomeration of the in situ prepared monoclinic CuO nanoparticles could be negligible throughout the catalytic reaction. Based on the characterization results of 1 H NMR, elemental analysis and GC-MS of oil samples before and after catalytic aquathermolysis, the mechanism for viscosity reduction of heavy oil in the catalytic system was investigated.
doi:10.1007/s12182-019-0300-3 fatcat:6gfddcllgvg7fmsanx2gxb47xa