Error Detection and Classification of Tangential Radial Single Machining of Non-Circular Gear

Jianqing Dai, Shengze Wang, D. Zhang, B. Zi, G. Cui, H. Ding
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The studies on non-circular gear cutting and using errors were generally based on theory of cylindrical gear errors, and the similarities and differences between cylindrical gear and non-circular gear were combined to study the change rule of non-circular gear contacting line and obtained corresponding conclusions. In this paper, from a different perspective, by starting from the non-circular gear engagement principle, on the basis of analyzing the concrete geometric error conditions, new type
more » ... nditions, new type tooth profile algorithm routine is reasonably modified, and needed noncircular gear tooth profile error contrast figure is obtained. Furthermore, theoretical derivation is carried out by incorporating analytical method and contacting line incremental method, validity of computer simulation is verified, a reasonable classification method is proposed based on the characterization of the error characteristic code in the general case, Summed up the error genetic map which possess enormous significance to direct practice generation[1].
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20167701032 fatcat:pjaqr47funexrdac47pvwitona