Paper-based triboelectric nanogenerators and their applications: a review

Jing Han, Nuo Xu, Yuchen Liang, Mei Ding, Junyi Zhai, Qijun Sun, Zhong Lin Wang
2021 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  
The development of industry and of the Internet of Things (IoTs) have brought energy issues and huge challenges to the environment. The emergence of triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) has attracted wide attention due to their advantages, such as self-powering, lightweight, and facile fabrication. Similarly to paper and other fiber-based materials, which are biocompatible, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and are everywhere in daily life, paper-based TENGs (P-TENGs) have shown great
more » ... ential for various energy harvesting and interactive applications. Here, a detailed summary of P-TENGs with two-dimensional patterns and three-dimensional structures is reported. P-TENGs have the potential to be used in many practical applications, including self-powered sensing devices, human–machine interaction, electrochemistry, and highly efficient energy harvesting devices. This leads to a simple yet effective way for the next generation of energy devices and paper electronics.
doi:10.3762/bjnano.12.12 pmid:33614382 pmcid:PMC7871030 fatcat:4pfs7ls4zbbndh64m2eysye7qi