Communications Received

1874 Scientific American  
MrNlll RALS, ETc.-Specimell8 have been re cei ved from the following correspondents, and examined with thtl results stated: A K.-lt Is a sample of splegelelsen. It Is .. v .. luable product, produc�d by smelting, tn a blast furnace with charcoal, a spath1c tron ore containing a large percent ageof mdngaUef-ie.-W. H. R. -Your supposed anima .. ted horsehair 18 a foIpecles of tbe genus gordiu8, fre· quently found in sUll Wl:l.ter j tt Is not th1cker than a tlorsebalr, and 18 ptJpulaJ ly
more » ... to be a hair of that descri ption 1D tht� act of being transformed 1nto ton ecl. L\1ln�us calls it (Jo'r<kus aquaticus.-J. P. -It Is galena, RoU ore. of lead.-A. 13. C.-It ts a s8.mple of a tlne qualtty of clay. Shale haR the property (wblcb:clays hay) of capability of bl'illg kne'1ded up with water and 1fl.6hioned like 1;38tC by the hand; but It Is a much stronger and llrnH'r clay than the sample sent.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08291874-140 fatcat:lvvmrdv2dffyzg46wbin246qfe