Improvement of deadbeat servomechanism using multirate input control

H. Ito
2000 Proceedings of the 2000 American Control Conference. ACC (IEEE Cat. No.00CH36334)  
This paper proposes an state-space approach to deadbeat servomechanism design using multirate input control. The focus is advantage of multirate control over conventional single-rate control. Multirate controllers can achieve required settling time with less frequent sampling of measurement. Multirate input mechanism can yield shorter settling time than single-rate control using the same frequency of sampling. In general, multirate control exhibits intersample ripple. Nevertheless, this paper
more » ... eless, this paper demonstrates that the negative effect of multirate input on the steady-state response can be removed completely to accomplish ripple-free deadbeat, keeping the settling time short using multirate mechanism at the same time. In addition, this paper presents a design method for multirate ripple-free deadbeat control which guarantees robustness against continuous-time disturbance and model uncertainty.
doi:10.1109/acc.2000.878809 fatcat:onal4x5wjre6pcmvpzdk6g5xxi