dorota gorzelany Malarstwo greckie na emigracji: Malarz Iksjona

Muzeum Narodowe, Krakowie
2017 Czasopismo Internetowe Nr   unpublished
Since the 8 th century BCE the region of south Italy and Sicily was an important place of Greek colonization. However, the migration of craftsmen in the 2 nd half of the 5 th century BCE caused by the Peloponesian War and the economic difficulties in Athens was the reason for evolution of local pottery and vase painting. The closeness with the indigenous communities and the demand for luxurious vases had an impact on the development and enriching Greek iconography. The article treats the
more » ... y of the Campanian Ixion Painter (330-300 BCE) whose paintings combined both the Apulian and Attic influences to reach the stylistic and formal innovations.