Absorption of guided modes in light-emitting diodes

Sven-Silvius Schad, Barbara Neubert, Matthias Seyboth, Frank Habel, Christoph Eichler, Marcus Scherer, Peter Unger, Wolfgang Schmid, Christian Karnutsch, Klaus P. Streubel, E. Fred Schubert, H. Walter Yao (+2 others)
2003 Light-Emitting Diodes: Research, Manufacturing, and Applications VII  
The absorption of lateral guided modes in light-emitting diodes is determined by the photocurrent measurement method. A theory for waveguide dispersion is presented and extended by ray-tracing simulations. Absorption coefficients of InGaN-on-sapphire and AlGaInP-based structures is evaluated by comparison with simulation curves. For nitridebased samples with emission wavelengths of 415 nm and 441 nm, an absorption of 7 cm −1 is obtained. It is found that scattering is present in the buffer
more » ... and influences the lateral intensity distribution. The investigated AlGaInP-based sample exhibits an absorption of α = 30 cm −1 at 650 nm emission wavelength.
doi:10.1117/12.476552 fatcat:cabro7hdqjgm5igyn5bqytpaie