Stichprobenumfang zur Schätzung der Dominanzvarianz bei hierarchischer Halb- und Vollgeschwisterstruktur

N. Mielenz, L. Schüler
2004 Archives Animal Breeding  
Title of the paper: <b>Sample size for estimation of dominance variance with hierarchical full- and half-sib structure</b><br> The sampling size for the estimation of the ratio d<sup>2</sup> of the dominance variance to the phenotypic variance is investigated for the case of hierarchical population structures corresponding to the relations in poultry and pig breeding. The standard error of the d<sup>2</sup>-estimation is calculated by using the Maximum-Likelihood method and the concept of
more » ... ter transformation. Estimation of the dominance variance requires much larger data sets than estimation of the additive variance. Assuming d<sup>2</sup>-values of 25, 17, 10 and 5% than the estimation of the ratio d<sup>2</sup> required about 6, 10, 20 and 40 times more data than the estimation of the additive variance. For the case h<sup>2</sup>:d<sup>2</sup>=0.4:0.1 the estimation of d<sup>2</sup> with 8320, 14720, 33040 and 58640 records yielded standard errors of 8, 6, 4 and 3%. In the situation of h<sup>2</sup>:d<sup>2</sup>=0.225:0.075 the same accuracies can be reached with records of 4400, 7760, 17520 and 31040 animals.
doi:10.5194/aab-47-491-2004 fatcat:grs55e6yv5abxp644v3m4ut3ei