Effective Staff Relationships as An Impetus for Growth in 21st Century Church

2020 Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religion  
Effective staff relationships is a stimulus to church developmental growth in all facets of church life. It is expedient that each church and religious organizations should imbibe because of its benefits that cannot be overemphasized. This paper considers the necessity of staff relationships for growth in the 21 st Century church by exploring into the biblical perspective of staff relationships. The necessity of staff relationships was also consider, such as it enhances mutual encouragement
more » ... l encouragement both personal and spiritual; it facilitates and improve the workforce; it promotes growth in all facets; teamwork, delegation and supervision are enhanced; it is problemsolving; it is enjoyable and broaden staff understanding, and building a Christlike attitude and relationships are not exempted. The possible challenges in staff relationships were also considered, such as staining, denting and destroying each other reputation and integrity. Mistrust and lack of sincere commitment among staff members. Inattentive to staff voices, preferential treatment and rivalry. Lack of recognition, motivation and appreciation of staff. The unconducive atmosphere and lack of openness and the spirit of cooperation. Excessive use of power and social stratification; and unforgiving spirit. The paper concludes that staff relationships are inevitable in contemporary churches and religious organizations. Healthy staff relationships should be built and encouraged for efficiency, growth, productivity and fulfilment of the primary purpose of multi-staff both between the volunteer staff members, non-ministerial staff and ministerial staff.
doi:10.7176/jpcr/48-02 fatcat:vzpblr27pjchnnz37le2qntjua