Adoption of Crocetin as an Indicator Compound for Detection of Gardenia Yellow in Food Products

1996 Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi  
Analysis of gardenia yellow in food products has been carried out by the detection of crocin and/or geniposide as indicator compounds. However, neither indicator compound was present in a few food products. As a new analytical strategy for gardenia yellow, we adopted crocetin, which is produced from colored components of gardenia yellow by alkaline hydrolysis, as an indicator compound. Crude extracts from food products were hydrolyzed in 0.1N NaOH for 30min at 50C and the resultant hydrolyzates
more » ... ultant hydrolyzates were analyzed by HPLC. Recoveries from jelly, candy and rice crackers through the whole analytical procedure were 85.6, 86.0 and 80.5%, respectively. When 20 food products labeled as containing gardenia yellow were analyzed, 11 of them had different chromatographic patterns from an authentic preparation and crocin was not detected at all in 5 samples. However, crocetin was found in every food product after alkaline hydrolysis, in the range of 0.1-13.4ug/g (as crocetin). Geniposide was found in only 3 food products.
doi:10.3358/shokueishi.37.6_372 fatcat:5lohq32nwzbo3nkx4hbkv7hcgi