Prediction of tangential force and maximum temperature generation at the tool tip using ANFIS model during CNC turning operations for an intricate shape

Goutam Paul, Pritam Patra
2017 Mathematical Modelling and Engineering Problems  
In spite of vigorous research on advanced material processing and advanced manufacturing processes, the conventional processes are essential in building a country's economy till date. The disadvantage of this process is that machining industry is the most energy consuming and waste spawning industry. The main question is how the energy can be utilized in proper way such that energy consumption will be on lower side and will provide high productivity. The consumption is more whenever we concern
more » ... henever we concern the intricate shape of the job. The two factors that are important for the measurement of energy consumption during CNC turning of an intricate shape are tangential force and tool tip temperature generation. In the current research, experiments were conducted based on DOE by developing experiments with three factors i.e. cutting speed at four levels and feed and depth of cut at two levels corresponding to the L8 experimental array to measure maximum tangential force and temperature generation at the tool tip during CNC turning operation. Prediction of maximum tangential force and tool tip temperature during CNC turning operation has been pursued with the help of Taguchi approach. At the end, a verification test was conducted to illustrate the effectiveness of this approach.
doi:10.18280/mmep.040208 fatcat:iihrkmzx6bdmhgh65z6rikxslq