Goldy Katal .
2013 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
The paper manuscript deals with the designing and implementation of Synchronized Robotic Arm, which is used to perform all the basic activities like picking up objects and placing them. In this paper, a robotic arm is designed, synchronized with the working arm and would perform the task as the working arm does. The work done by the robotic arm would be highly precise, as a digital servo motor is used. A servo motor of 230 oz-inch is used in the project, but motors with more capacity can also
more » ... used as according to the desired work. This robotic arm can also be used for precision works. For instance some work has to be done very precisely but the conditions do not suit human beings. In such conditions, this robotic arm can be used remotely and the task can be accomplished. The programming is done on ATMEGA-8 Microcontroller using Arduino programming. The potentiometers are also used to detect the angle of rotation and the signals are then sent to the microcontroller. In today's world, this Robotic arm has turned out very benevolent. Besides Robotics and Automation, these kinds of arms have applications in other fields also.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2013.0208047 fatcat:a4joc3anbrdjlfp4ulrvnbpidu