Confrontation of nobles of Poland as a factor of exacerbating ethnosocial relations in Ukraine by the end of XVIth century – at the first half of XVIIth century

2018 Ukraine-Poland: Historical Heritage and Public Consciousness  
The author describes the main forms and manifestations of internal conflicts in the environment of noble families in the Ukrainian lands since their accession to Rzecz Pospolita as united Polish-Lithuanian state on the basis of the Union of Lublin in 1569 up to the War under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. According to author's statements, permanent struggle among them was able to happen due to the specific of this state that garanted to reach Polish nobles the large rights. Long-time
more » ... onization of 'Wild steppe' was accompanied occasional 'raider attacks' of landowners against their neighbors. Particular emphasis is given to different situation of dependent peasants, which during these 'local civil wars' often did become 'blind arms' of their masters. The influence of these confrontations on the processes of the growth of protesting attitude among the Ukrainian gentry and peasantry and their influence on the rising of Cossack and peasant uprisings in Ukraine during abovementioned period are analyzed. The article contribute certainly to better understanding of disagreements in interests between often ethnically different social strata in Ukraine. Widespread of this confrontation provoked some anarchy of powerless inside the country as well as hostile situations between Polish and Ukrainian nobles. Cossack uprisings were results not only social conflicts between Polish gentry and Ukrainian peasantry, Orthodox Ukrainians and Rome-Catholic Poles, but also inter-strata conflicts among anti-Polish nobles and 'loyal to Crown' gentry of Poland. Conflicts after colonization of 'Wild field', as well as the value of personal insults of offended persons in provoking these conflicts are characterized. The accent is made that the assaults, violence and crimes were happened long time before Cossack-Polish conflicts. According to author's conclusions, all these confrontations between different ethnic and social groups were transferred in a form the long-lasted wars of Cossacks and peasants against their former owners beginning from 1648. Keywords Rzeczpospolita, Ukraine, nobles, ethnosocial conflicts
doi:10.33402/up.2018-11-5-26 fatcat:42tfjykqjfev5nddpnii4onkny