A Blended Teaching Mode Based on Online Micro-Learning in Military English for Non-Commissioned Officers

Hao Wenhui, Song Mei, Li Meng, Wu Shasha, Yang Kun
2020 Proceedings of the 2020 5th International Conference on Modern Management and Education Technology (MMET 2020)   unpublished
The rapid development of information technology has brought great impact and challenge to the traditional military English teaching. It has promoted great changes in teaching mode, teaching methods and teaching evaluation. Thus, it is an important research direction in military English teaching reform to design a blended teaching mode based on online micro-learning for noncommissioned officers, which can combine both the advantages of traditional classroom and the advantages of online teaching
more » ... ogether. Based on this, this paper introduces a blended teaching mode based on online micro-learning in military English for non-commissioned officers, in order to improve the overall quality and English ability of non-commissioned officers. Keywords: blended teaching mode, online micro-learning, military English teaching ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SITUATION MILITARY ENGLISH TEACHING FOR NON-COMMISSIONED OFFIERS As teachers with many years of military English teaching experience, we conclude the current problems existing in military English teaching as follows. Cadets' Basic Knowledge of English is Poor The majority of the non-commissioned officers are high school graduates, and only a few of them graduate from colleges and universities. Besides, most of the cadets have served in the army for more than 2 years before entering the military academies for their professional learning. During their long-term training and work in the army, they have no time to continue to study English, and many of them have forgotten the basics of English. Therefore, most of them are poor in English.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.201023.103 fatcat:xhjnuvz4szcbdc3np43r7jiyqa