On a public key encryption algorithm based on Permutation Polynomials and performance analyses

Gurgen Khachatrian, Martun Karapetyan
International Journal Information Theories and Applications   unpublished
In this paper a modification of public key encryption system presented in [Khachatryan, Kyureghyan, 2015] and performance analysis are presented. As described in [Khachatryan, Kyureghyan, 2015], the permutation polynomial P (x) is declared to be a public polynomial for encryption. A public key encryption of given m(x) is the evaluation of polynomial P (x) at point m(x) where the result of evaluation is calculated via so called White box reduction, which does not reveal the underlying secret
more » ... derlying secret polynomial g(x). Our analysis have shown that an attacker may acquire some information about the message, having its cipher-text, in case of using certain values of P(x). So either those values of P(x) must be avoided, or the modification presented in this paper must be used. Our implementation's performance was compared to RSA-2048 implementation of CryptoPP library and it was 3.75x and 133x faster on encryption and decryption operations respectively.