El modelo europeo de estatuto de la víctima

Natalia Pérez-Rivas
2017 Díkaion  
Directive 2012/29 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council of October 25, 2012 establishes minimum standards concerning the rights, support and protection of those who are victims of crime. It applies to criminal offenses committed within the European Union, as well as criminal proceedings taking place in the EU, and aims to ensure victims of crime receive adequate information, support and protection and are able to participate in criminal proceedings. The regulation on the rights of
more » ... n the rights of victims contained in Directive 2012/29 / EU is minimal, thereby allowing Member States to articulate its content more broadly, so as to provide a higher degree of protection to all victims or to victims of specific types of crime. This study is, however, limited to what are categorized as the basic rights of the victim within the framework of the criminal proceeding itself. El modelo europeo de estatuto de la víctima deberán crearse programas nacionales para financiar medidas, tanto públicas como no gubernamentales, de asistencia y protección de las víctimas.
doi:10.5294/dika.2017.26.2.3 fatcat:2mqwg2hopvh33lldwcvapcovle