Electronic Stability of MagneticFe/CoSuperlattices with Monatomic Layer Alternation

G. A. Farnan, C. L. Fu, Z. Gai, M. Krcmar, A. P. Baddorf, Zhenyu Zhang, J. Shen
2003 Physical Review Letters  
We report a surprising observation that the growth of the Fe1 ML=Co1 ML n superlattice of L1 0 structure on Cu(100) is stable only up to six atomic layers (n 3), which cannot be rationalized by stress arguments. Instead, first-principles calculations reveal a transition from the L1 0 to the B2 structure due to the effect of dimensionality on the stability of the electronic structure of the superlattice. Whereas the majority-spin electrons are energetically insensitive to the layer thickness,
more » ... layer thickness, the minority-spin electrons induce the transition at n 3.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.91.226106 pmid:14683255 fatcat:r5ine46o5nfzve6fbwyx7wvd7e