The antiulcer and antioxidant mechanisms of the butanolic fraction extract obtained from Bauhinia forficata leaves: A medicinal plant frequently used in Brazilian folk medicine

Gomes Del Rey Barbara, Lopes Guimaraes Luciana, Sergio de Toledo Marcos, Kiyoshi Takahashi Helio, Hilda Straus Anita, Silva de Freitas Monike, Hattebberger Bruna, Maria Moraes Silva Cláudia, Roberti de Carvalho Matheus, Toma Walber
2018 Journal of Medicinal Plants Research  
The objectives of this work were to evaluate the antiulcer activity, antioxidant mechanisms, phytochemical analysis and ecotoxicological risk of the butanolic fraction (ButFr) obtained from the leaf extracts of Bauhinia forficata. In an ischemia-reperfusion (IR), gastric ulcer model with doses 12.5 and 6.25 mg kg -1 promoted significant decreases in the ulcerative lesion area (ULA) by 50% (p<0.001) and 46% (p<0.001), respectively. Regarding the antioxidant mechanisms, the dose of 6.25 mg kg -1
more » ... e of 6.25 mg kg -1 promoted a significant increase in SOD (41%), GPx (62.7%) and GR (54.5%) activities (p <0.001) when compared to the negative control. 38% reduction in Myeloperoxidase activity (MPO) activity was also observed as well as 35.5% reduction in the LPO index when compared to the negative control (p <0.001). Phytochemical analysis demonstrated the presence of flavonoids (kaempferitrin and rutin) in ButFr, compounds responsible for the pharmacological activities observed. Conclusively the ButFr has antiulcer activity via antioxidant mechanisms.
doi:10.5897/jmpr2017.6554 fatcat:qp53q7gjmjfhtnbowogsoav7oy