Digital Reality As A Synergistic Paradigm Of Xxi Century Education

Stanislav Pochebut
2021 unpublished
The article dwells on the problems of present-day education, particularly, the problem of digitalization, its strengths and weaknesses in the context of the economic crisis, as well as the analysis of its impact on the educational paradigm of the XXI century. Special attention is paid to the difficulties that the educational process participants are forced to face nowadays; various scenarios for overcoming existing contradictions are considered. Education generally promotes learning in the form
more » ... of knowledge and skills transfer. It dates back to prehistoric times when knowledge was transferred through imitation. It is known that schools existed in ancient Egypt, and the education system was developed along with literacy, culture and science. As a rule, the educational process includes a teacher, a student and certain means to transmit knowledge from a teacher to a student. If you remove the real (not virtual) teacher from this process, there will be an abrupt transition to the system of self-education. This synergistic paradigm of present-day education is a reality reflection; however, it is worth noting that at this stage the education system still needs a teacher as a source of knowledge.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.05.02.96 fatcat:c2tfrolztnan3mtm2yin3fo7qi