Low-calorie jam from Chow-Chow Natural colourants for dyeing silk

Gajar, & Badrie
2001 J Food Sci   unpublished
Christophene or Chow-Chow, Sechium edule Oacq_} Sw. (Family: Cucurbitaceae) is an underutilized vegetable crop found growing in some parts of North East Himalaya and Karnataka. The fniits are conswned in salads or cooked as vegetable. They contain negligible caloric value and low sugar content and are good source of potassium (l50mgllOOg). These charactelistics, with its bland flavour and the ability to readily absorb both naiural and artificial flavouring, make this an ideal fruit for
more » ... fruit for producing a low-calotie jam. Gajar and Badtie worked on the processing and quality evaluation of the chow-chow jam by investigating the effects of pectin and carrageenari on sensory texture and artificial sweeteners on sensory attributes. The results revealed that a low-calorie (12° Brix) chtistophene jam consisting of 2% high methoxy pectin, 0.03% carrageenan and sucralose (1.9%), produced a jam of acceptable gel set and texture with an overall acceptance. On storage there was an improvement of tex1Ure and had a shelf-life of at least 35 days at rc. The authors have given detailed processing steps in the production of this jam Suitable for the patients of diabetes mellitus