Lecturer 3. Professor and Principal

Nitin Jindal, Manoj Kumar Shamkuwar, K Sijoria
2013 J Res. Educ. Indian Med   unpublished
Bone marrow edema is the inflammation of the bone marrow that may occur secondary to a trauma of the bone or other nearby tissues. Bone marrow edema of the talus bone is a rare cause of pain in feet. No specific treatment is available for this condition till date. As per Ayurveda, if Asthi gata vidradhi is not treated appropriately it may leads to Majja-paak (inflammation of bone marrow). In the present study the case of bone marrow edema of talus bone was treated by Raktamokshana (Leech
more » ... ).This case study reveals importance of the age old treatment methodology of Ayurveda that one should ascertain the progression of the disease first and then only treatment must be planned