Lazarette Gazette volume 3 number 10 [article]

University Of Texas Marine Science Institute
Regular sections: director's reportp. 1, tony's tidingsp. 2, irish pennantsp. 3, personnelp. 4, trip reports & travelp. 5, attaboysp. 5, letters to the editorp. 5, cruise reports & boat operationsp. 6, libraryp. 7, safetyp. 10, editor's notep. 10 Ten minority undergraduates officially began a new experience at the Marine Science Institute Monday, June 6. The goal of the program, Research Experiences for Minority and Women Undergraduates at the Marine Science Institute of The University of Texas
more » ... at Austin, is to immerse women and minority undergraduate students into the culture of marine science research that exists in moderate sized marine laboratories. Most students will be in residence at MSI during the entire summer. Both individual and group research experiences will be emphasized by participation in individual laboratory and field projects as well as collective field sampling trips. Graduate student mentors Randy Garza and Sharon Herzka will be working with the REU students. A special grant from the National Science Foundation, under the direction of Terry Whitledge and Peter Thomas, provides financing for the program, which will •continue in 1995 and 1996. Individual students receive room and board plus a $2,500 stipend. Informal weekly seminars and research cruises aboard the RIV LONGHORN are planned. Students who are participating in the program,. along with home towns or school locations, are: Laura Laidler,
doi:10.15781/t2445hd7j fatcat:for66kdrb5h2ldmxjdmtemcrei