Distribution and natural history ofMyotis lavali(Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae)

Ricardo Moratelli, Don E. Wilson
2013 Journal of Mammalogy  
LaVal's myotis (Myotis lavali) was recently described from the M. nigricans complex based on specimens from the Caatinga of northeastern Brazil. We present new distributional records for the Alto Chaco in Paraguay and for the Atlantic Forest of Brazil and Paraguay. These new records extend the distribution of the species approximately 2,000 km southwest and 400 km east, and document its co-occurrence with M. nigricans. Both results have taxonomic and ecological implications for M. lavali.
more » ... onally, we provide comments on its natural history and reproduction.
doi:10.1644/12-mamm-a-257.1 fatcat:gdwkj7a5wbh5jpcbps2xhsm4y4