Atmospheric tomography using a fringe pattern in the sodium layer

Yael Baharav, Erez N. Ribak, Joseph Shamir
1994 Optics Letters  
We wish to measure and separate the contribution of atmospheric turbulent layers for multiconjugate adaptive optics. To this end, we propose to create a periodic fringe pattern in the sodium layer and image it with a modified Hartmann sensor. Overlapping sections of the fringes are imaged by a lenslet array onto contiguous areas in a large-format camera. Low-layer turbulence causes an overall shift of the fringe pattern in each lenslet, and high-attitude turbulence results in internal
more » ... ns in the pattern. Parallel Fourier analysis permits separation of the atmospheric layers. Two mirrors, one conjugate to a ground layer and the other conjugate to a single high-altitude layer, are shown to widen the field of view significantly compared with existing methods.
doi:10.1364/ol.19.000242 pmid:19829604 fatcat:yrygsvgwxvhedlgkiu5ti6q2fu