An Assessment of Geosites and Geomorphosites in the Lut Desert of Shahdad Region for Potential Geotourism Development

Rasa Raeisi, Iulian Dincă, Seyed Ali Almodaresi, Magdalena Petronella (Nellie) Swart, Ali Boloor
2022 Land  
In the fields of geology, economics, history, cultural studies, and ecology, tourism can be the basis for proper planning, for sustainable tourism management, and for economic development. The Dasht-e Lut is one of the most significant desert areas in Iran due to its exemplary desert patterns and world-famous landscapes, such as the kaluts and nebkhas landforms. Furthermore, it is the hottest spot in the world and can attract adventurous tourists, amongst others, from around the globe. The
more » ... se of this study was to determine and compare the most suitable geomorphosites for better sustainable tourism planning using three methods of evaluating geotourism as proposed by Pereira et al., Pralong, and Reynard et al. The results show that the geomorphosites of kaluts, nebkhas, and Gandom Beryan had the greatest potential for different reasons. In addition to geosites and geomorphosites, the night sky was also demonstrated to have a high potential to attract tourists. Using the economic criteria of the Reynard method, all geomorphosites had similar scores. The familiarity of officials and tourism planners with the tourist capabilities of this region can lead to economic and cultural capacity building for the Indigenous people and the tourism industry.
doi:10.3390/land11050736 fatcat:c24dkiwqgjhn5idgueyc75m4aa