High-NOON States with High Flux of Photons Using Coherent Beam Stimulated Noncollinear Parametric Down Conversion

Aziz Kolkiran
2019 International Journal of Optics  
We show how to reach high fidelity NOON states with a high count rate inside optical interferometers. Previously, it has been shown that by mixing squeezed and coherent light at a beam splitter, it is possible to generate NOON states of arbitrary N with a fidelity as high as 94%. The scheme is based on higher-order interference between "quantum" down-converted light and "classical" coherent light. However, this requires optimizing the amplitude ratio of classical to quantum light, thereby
more » ... ight, thereby limiting the overall count rate for the interferometric super-resolution signal. We propose using coherent beam stimulated noncollinear two-mode down-converted light as input to the interferometer. Our scheme is based on the stimulation of noncollinear parametric down conversion by coherent light sources. We get a better flexibility of choosing the amplitude ratio in generating NOON states. This enables super-resolution intensity exceeding the previous scheme by many orders of magnitude. Therefore, we hope to improve the magnitude of N-fold super-resolution in quantum interferometry for arbitrary N using bright light sources. We give improved results for N = 4 and 5.
doi:10.1155/2019/6871979 fatcat:77urnl64orgjxh66grzgkv35bm