Vositov Volijon Abduvaxobovich
2022 Zenodo  
Abstract: The article deals with the study of classification theory of borrowings by linguists, its broad interpretation, how to interpret the term "borrowing" in the linguistic literature, the borrowed word's coming into general use only gradually and different degrees of its use, the degree of foreign language influence in different languages, intralinguistic and extralinguistic factors. Here the author gave more information on the study of the problem of traditional classification of
more » ... gs into "foreign" and "borrowed" having a long tradition both in foreign and domestic linguistics. Keywords: borrowing, foreign-language words, loanwords, functional criterion, phonetic, morphological, orthographic, cultural borrowing, intimate borrowing, direct language contacts, dialect borrowing.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6608366 fatcat:ufmygtozondfvjexb2syr47fc4