Farmer and Representative of Eshowe Farmers Association

A Aha, James, Native Lot-Bolder, Cape Stockenstrom, B Abafumi, Native Chief, Standerton, P Transvaal, C Age Adams, J Adams, Kimberley Farmer, Barldy West (+20 others)
Transvaal 327 Allaart, C. P., General Agent   unpublished
CO!ITI!CTS. (c) Copy of Petition pr("'Pnted to Parli~mrnt by tbP. Griqua• (d) Statement by Mr .J W. do Kook, conrf'rning tho Native Re•erve• in Mafrking Di•trict (1') Stat!'ment (accompanied hy three enclosure~~) by tbt• Town Cl••rk of )(nfeking. rt'lati>l' to the extcn•ion of the Town Commonagt• by thr incht-ion of a portion of tbu Molopo Native R<•!o (!/) Statem!'llt by :\lr ,J C. SwN•ney. ) !ag••tratc, Km~ Wilham'• Town, regarding Mbern'11 IAII'ation (It) Petition by certain Europ<•an
more » ... , relative• to tlw )fount ('oke Out•pnn. King Wi11iam'11 Town. (i) Statement by Headman )lhLunbi,o, rt•l•llive to tlaP boun dariC!I of his Locn lion (j) Stat<-ment by tlw Nativt• lnndown~rl4 of Hnhula , Wol< R'v<-r and Lenyl.', in tht> Di•trict of King Willinm\ Town (k) l.ett<-r from the lkrlin \'illn~tc• .\Ianagc'llll•nt Boanl urj(ing that Berlin should be a Europ<-nn An•a (/) Statement by Jo~liftl• Sibiy11 nnd four uthel'!l pmying for relief from tho Act, and for the <•xtNlllion <•f Nativo Re>'l'rvM (m} Statement con1•erning the' Xunn fam1ly (11} Stat<-nwnt by tlw Rev. H K. IA•iscgtllll( l'Ontninml( <"icw• as to thl.' ext !'l'rlain otlwr vi~wK in <•onne<• lion \lith the AI'! (o) Lettl'r from the Hi-hop of Zululand amplifying thr n•rhel evidonco given by him .\p[lendix XI, being extract~ from the-R<'port-~ of .\Iagi trat~ and other official~ (with index} Ap ndix XII, being a list of tho plnc<'!l visited by the Cornrni."-•ion Ap[ ndix XIII, being llinul(•" of the Proceeding~ of tbe Commi••ion PAOU .