Iridoschisis in Latin America: a case report and literature review

Hector Fernando Gomez Goyeneche, Jeanneth Toquica Osorio, Luz Catherine Martinez Malo
2018 Vision Pan-America  
: Iridoschisis is a rare condition characterized by the thinning and cleavage of the anterior stroma of the Iris; usually bilateral and associated with narrow angles, ocular hypertension and glaucomatous optic neuropathy. We report a case series of three Latin American patients with iridoschisis; all of them associated with narrow angles, and one with history of chronic angle closure glaucoma. The patients had no previous history of ocular trauma or inherited ocular disease. As a new finding,
more » ... As a new finding, we present a case of unilateral hyphema as the presenting sign of this entity. Conclusions: Chronic open-angle glaucoma; as well as intermittent angle-closure glaucoma, should be excluded in all patients with iridoschisis, and regular follow-up should be established after diagnosis. After having presented an unusual way of presentation; such as unilateral hyphema (with no previous documented reference of this sign) we have widened the spectrum of clinical findings for the suspicion and diagnosis of this pathology.
doi:10.15234/vpa.v17i2.475 doaj:d948f0fcc7284a0e987e0a5884d45d6e fatcat:g3tm3upck5fmnmf7b2dbbiinku