The experience and expression of romantic jealousy in same‐sex and opposite‐sex romantic relationships

Jennifer L. Bevan, Pamela J. Lannutti
2002 Communication Research Reports  
This study examines and compares how males and females in same-sex and __o^osite-sex romanjic^elationships^^perience and express^ romanHc^jealousy. Undergraduates at a large, southern university and visitors at a metropolitan Pride Celebration (N = 149) completed measures assessing cognitive and emotional jealousy experience, jealousy expression, and demographic information. The reported usage of two of Guerrero, Andersen, Jorgensen, Spitzberg, and Eloy's (1995) communicative responses to
more » ... responses to jealousy typology significantly varied by sexual orientation and sex. Specifically, gay males were significantly more likely to use violent communication/ threats than were heterosexual males. Further, lesbians reported using manipulation attempts to a significantly lesser degree than did heterosexual participants and gay males. In contrast, levels of cognitive and emotional jealousy experience did not significantly differ by sexual orientation or sex. Implications for these findings are presented in light of the broader study of close opposite-sex and same-sex romantic relationships.
doi:10.1080/08824090209384854 fatcat:lgizw4qb5fb35kkop4kfcflwwm