A versatile translinear cell-library to implement high performance analog ASICs

A. Fabre, M. Alami
[Proceedings] EURO ASIC `90  
A translinear standard-cell approach in the field of analog ASICs is proposed in this paper. The translinear circuit principle is firstly summarized and an overview of the various properties which result from the implementation of translinear circuits is outlined. The concept of an hierarchic library, all in a translinear form, is introduced. Both basic cells, the current mirrors and the translinear mixed loops, appear to be the most important cells from which elementary building blocks (ie.
more » ... ding blocks (ie. followers, conveyors ...) can be implemented. Then, as demonstrated by some illustrative examples, high performance advanced macroblocks (ie. amplifiers, filters ... etc.) will be obtained. Simulated results, with SPICE, are given and discussed.
doi:10.1109/easic.1990.207916 fatcat:6ss6ucgq5re47bdm3xavv5aszi