An Invariant Three-polar Representation for R3 Surfaces: Robustness and Accuracy for 3D Faces Description

Majdi Jribi, Faouzi Ghorbel
2021 International journal of computers and communications  
In this paper, we intend to introduce a new curved surface representation that we qualify by three-polar. It is constructed by the superposition of the three geodesic potentials generated from three reference points of the surface. By considering a pre-selected levels set of this superposition, invariant points are obtained. The accuracy of the three-polar representation for 3D human faces description is performed in the mean of the Hausdorff distance. A comparison between this representation
more » ... d the one based on the level curves around the nose tip is established in the sense of the robustness under errors on the nose tip positions.
doi:10.46300/91013.2021.15.10 fatcat:vxtfz3tmqngvxpzux7davm4ini