Grid middleware in China

Yongwei Wu, Chunming Hu, Li Zha, Song Wu
2007 International Journal of Web and Grid Services  
Grids aim at constructing a virtual single image of heterogeneous resources and provide uniform interface for distributed internet applications. China also devotes much passion and endeavour to the evolution of grid projects. Based on the experience in building and enhancing Chinese grids in collaboration with colleagues from around the globe, it is important to choose grid technologies that support and work on a wide variety of resources. Grid middleware research and development in China is
more » ... cribed in this paper. First we give the overview of the three government-sponsored grid programmes, namely, China National Grid, ChinaGrid and NSFCGrid. Then three representative grid middleware, ChinaGrid Support Platform (CGSP), China National Grid Operation System (GOS), China Research and Development Environment Over Wide-area Network (CROWN) are introduced in detail from six aspects: design motivation, architecture, function modules, main features, interoperability, current status and applications. Finally, we abstract the main characteristics of these three middleware systems and put forward a comparison among them. 373 agents designed to help users access the distributed resources transparently. There are various grid middleware developed by the grid project introduced above. The most influential middleware are described below. Globus Toolkit by Globus Alliance includes software services and libraries for many components, such as distributed security, resource management, monitoring and discovery, and data management (Ghalem and Yahya, 2007) . Coordinated TeraGrid Software and Services (CTSS) by TeraGrid creates an integrated, persistent computational resource for open scientific research. Storage Resource Broker (SRB) by SDSC presents the user with a single file hierarchy for data distributed across multiple storage systems, which has features to support the management, collaboration, controlled sharing, publication, replication, transfer and preservation of distributed data. GLite by EGEE provides a bleeding-edge, best-of-breed framework for building grid applications tapping into the power of distributed computing and storage resources across the internet. MyGrid by OMII-UK is building high-level services for data and application resource integration such as resource discovery, workflow enactment and distributed query processing. XtreemOS supported by the European Commission's IST programme is an open source grid operating system with native support for VO and capable of running on a wide range of underlying platforms, from clusters to mobiles. NAREGI middleware makes the various computational resources (heterogeneous high-performance computers, high-end servers) appear as one huge virtual computing resource to users. The Grid Component Model (GCM) implemented by GridCOMP makes it possible to seamlessly compose applications and services deployed on large-scale infrastructures, e.g., several thousand machines all over the world. Unicore is now developing its latest version of software: Unicore 6.0. At the same time, GPE has developed several implementations for other famous grid middleware, for example: GPE4GTK. Other famous middleware products by companies include WebSphere 13 by IBM, Grid Engine 14 by Sun, EGO/Symphony 15 by Platform and WebLogic 16 by BEA. In this paper, we try to roughly depict the whole picture of the grid middleware research and development in China, and briefly introduce several key grid projects in addition to grid middleware systems and give a glimpse of each of them. Then the remainder of this paper is organised as follows: Section 2 presents the research status of the Chinese main grid middleware. The three key Chinese grid middleware, CGSP, GOS and CROWN are described in detail in Sections 3, 4 and 5. Section 6 abstracts their main characteristics. Finally we conclude this paper in Section 7. Main Chinese middleware Just like the rest of the world, China also devotes much passion and endeavour to the evolution of its grid projects and grid middleware. There are three nationwide projects in China. They are China National Grid (CNGrid), 17 China Education and Research Grid 18 and Natural Science Foundation Grid (NSFCGrid). In this section, we will take a glimpse at these related research projects in China.
doi:10.1504/ijwgs.2007.015421 fatcat:uwiohil54fgzpohjqxrfzm37m4